Posted on May 6, 2021

American Tree & Landscaping LLC

Tree Removal Near Me: For some reason, many people believe that tree pruning during the fall is a perfect time of year. But this notion could be very dangerous for your precious trees or even cause them to die prematurely.

If you want to make a difference without damaging trees, avoid cutting branches in the fall. Save your tree care pruning for when your tree is actively growing or for winter months when it's dormant.

To prevent pest infestation, removing weak or diseased branches or limbs is necessary. Pruning should be done at a time when the tree will focus its energy on healing rather than growing leaves and new buds.

Homeowners typically remove dead branches from their trees to make them look better and strengthen the tree. They also prune hazardous branches which could fall during a thunderstorm. Shaping the tree enhances when light diffuses, air gets to the crown of that tree, or where someone's yard might be located.

American Tree & Landscaping LLC provides tree care and landscaping services in Woodbridge and Prince William County, Virginia including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, storm cleanup, and landscape installation & maintenance.
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